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  • Cobra – No, the Source has not been outsmarted, but as I have stated, there is so much false understanding of the role of the Source in the whole process. The Source did not create darkness. Darkness was, I would say spontaneously the station of a random function which existed as a quantum potentiality and that quantum potentiality made manifest when free will beings decided to use it and exploit and explore it. (hmmm) so Evil was a result of free will interacting with that darkness. That has nothing to do with the source. The source did not have absolute power over that potentiality and that free will and within the space/time continuum so it takes time to absorb and transform that darkness and evil into light once again. The source is not all powerful and omnipotent in space/time continuum as you can see in everyday life.


  •  It was created spontaneously. No body did it. It was created by chance


  • Basically, there is no first cause.  Absolute was not created, it always was, is and will be.  Contingency was not created with a purpose. It was an outburst of a random function, an anomaly and those two things are logically opposite.  They are two very strong but opposite forces, and the tensions between those two created the Universe.


  • The Primary Anomaly is continuous. It’s a random function which exists without a purpose.  It is not negative by itself, but free will interacting with primary anomaly has a strong tendency towards evil and negativity because primary anomaly was never in touch with the Source.
  •   the violet flame is the color of transmutation, and by using the violet flame we’re actually invoking the presence of a certain archangel, his name is Zadkiel, and that energy of that archangel transmutes all outdated forms, and actually transmutes part of the primary anomaly,
  •   I would just put it that they are trying to open negative portals, plasma portals.  They want to create more strangelets. They want to create more anomalies.  They want to maintain their remaining anomaly.  That’s why they are using this accelerator.  This accelerator is far less dangerous than the other one on Long Island. So there is too much focus on Cern and not enough focus on what is happening on Long island, because the accelerator on LI has produced stable strangelets, already last year.   And those stranglets went to the center of the earth where they are being accumulated.  Thankfully, the light forces can do many things about this, but still it will be good that the light workers and light warriors put more focus and start healing the situation on LI with their meditations.  That would help a lot.


  • The soul has been created by a dynamic interaction between the source and a randomness, the cosmic anomaly, because the only way the source can absorb and transform the anomaly is by experiencing itself and our source, our projections of the one, projections of the soul of the source into this cosmic anomaly.  So it’s an interaction of two very strong and opposing forces.

  • It is not possible to resolve the primary anomaly without direct experience, because you cannot understand something you have not experienced.

  • You see, when the culture begins to understand the basic spiritual principles of the light, the development of such culture is accelerated dramatically and things like this, like a construct which is millions of miles in diameter are nothing extraordinary for them because they understand the laws of creation. They understand the laws of nature and they follow the light. So when somebody is . . . when a civilization is liberated from darkness and liberated from all limitations of that arise from primary anomaly, huge things are possible and this is just one example.



  Invisibles are entities which are part of the Anomaly, are part of the – the evolution process that went wrong, at a certain phase after the creation of the Light in this galaxy, and they are actually parasites which infest the etheric and the astral and mental brain, and then compromise the thinking process. Thinking process usually is a creation of a sequence of thoughts, which actually get initialized by firing electromagnetic signals in the neurons in the etheric and astral and the mental brain. And when this parasite gets in the middle of that signal, it blocks the signal. And practically, this means that a certain being has been infested, cannot connect to […] facts in the thinking process. Cannot make logical conclusions. And I would say almost every human being has been infested by this to a certain degree.



COBRA – Okay. Actually oneness is a source field. It’s a consciousness field of everything positive and it does not include a random function. It does not include the negativity itself. The negativity itself is a logical opposite of oneness and both are existing.

Rob – Yes, that goes along with my understanding as well, that the supreme creator is completely perfect in itself and separate in a sense and at the same time we are part and parcel of that divine. It’s actually kind of like a paradox. Here’s a question: For those who decided to come here in Atlantian time before the fall, did we want to have a good thing here created or did we want to help humanity evolve?

COBRA – We came here to liberate the planet. We saw what was happening here and we wanted to stop it. That’s it.




Rob – Very good. Why do we pronounce eeee and eeeeahhhh? How did you get the information?

COBRA – It is actually pronounce eeeeh aaaah. (eeeh aaah, Why do we do that?) It is actually creating an energy vortex which dissolves the very structure of duality and dissolves the structure of quantum anomaly on the planet.




Rob – OK. Another question here: There are many stories circulating for thousands of years that the attempt to explain the earth’s history and cause for confusion among the earth’s inhabitants is lost because of the quarantine and the misinformation from the Cabal. Can you talk about the information or myth that an archangel wanted to experience physical matter was the cause of anomaly of darkness? It seems over simplified.

COBRA – There is some truth in this direction. There was an archangel which actually wanted to experience that anomaly. He descended into that anomaly with very sophisticated technology and that was the birth of the dark forces.

Rob – But the anomaly was already here (Yes.) creating on the physical planes any way, very challenging and difficult experiences, correct?

COBRA – The anomaly was already there but there was no intentional evil up to this point. (OK) The intentional evil was created as an interaction within consciousness and that random function, that potentiality.

Rob – OK. Was he of a particular star race?

COBRA – That archangel actually experienced many star systems and actually belonged to . . . He gathered experiences of many star systems.






Rob – OK. It was a video that there were some light flashes allegedly. There were some things were happening in the underground bases. This one’s from Freddy – you mentioned a plane similar to the plasma plane but on a higher octave called buddhi mannas membrane – Is this a different name to indicate the tachyon membrane. (no, no, no). Can you talk a little bit about the plane called buddhi manas membrane.

COBRA – It’s not an actual plane, it’s a membrane. It’s a very thin layer the result of torsion forces between the higher mental plane and the intuitional plane and that membrane actually acts as a filter, which actually blocks, to a certain degree, our connection with our souls and higher planes of creation.

Rob – Right, so the higher end of the mental plane is manipulated to block the intuitional consciousness.

COBRA – This is not happening on purpose but at a certain point in history not too long ago the chimera group had some technology to influence that. It’s actually a results of the cosmic anomaly because there’s so much darkness on the lower planes, like the physical and astral plane. It creates a certain tension on the mental plane and that actually lowers the connection with the higher planes of creation.










 U : Can plasma matter be found in nature or is it just a membrane of anomaly ?

C : It can be found in nature, but when there is too much stress on the plasma, it mutates and this is exactly what happens on this planet and around this planet.

U : Ok. Can you give an example of where you can find plasma matter in nature ?

C : Actually every star is a ball of plasma. You have plasma discharges in every thunderstorm. You have plasma discharge around every comet. It's quite a natural phenomenon in the Universe.

U : Ok. You said also that very few people have managed to enter the quarantine since it started, can you say how many of them ?

C : I would not give the number but it's not very high. And once they entered most of them were not able to leave anymore.

U : Ok. Did they enter with their own free will ?

C : Yes. They took risks, they understood the risks. There is an exception of course of the extraterrestrial light forces that entered the quarantine for a very short time on rescue missions. For example pleiadian light ships. They were sometimes interfering in world events to prevent certain dark things from happening, and the light ships were present inside of the quarantine for maybe a few minutes, but then it was gone back out again.

U : Ok. And there was also some pleiadians that were captured in 1996 also ?

C : Unfortunately yes.

U : Ok. And they've been rescued already yes ?

C : Yes of course.

U : Ok. So the people who entered the quarantine after it started, are they part of the general population or in specific groups ?

C : They are part of the general population but they are much more awake I would say.




 U : So the manasic plane and the ones above it they are clear now yes ?

C : They are clear of darkness but there is still some anomaly there, so they are not perfect, but there is no darkness there.

U : Ok. And there is no darkness beyond the buddhi-manas ?

C : There is no darkness beyond the higher mental plane everywhere, anywhere, ever. It's not possible.

U : So where is the veil that blocks the tachyons on those planes ?

C : It's on the physical and etheric, and to a certain degree on astral and lower mental plane.




Rob – I agree completely. The One is everywhere and nowhere. It’s immanent and transcendent. Going to “the mighty mystery” if the One has the ability to create the universe, why isn’t it possible for him/her to solve the Chimera problem.


This is because the Chimera problem has originated from the random function, which is not logical. It is not something that can be understood. It needs to be cleared by the One, protecting it’s consciousness into the experiencing this random anomaly and through that experience, the One begins to understand begins to understand this anomaly and absorbs this into itself. This is light absorbing darkness into itself.


Rob – In the Untwine interview you mentioned that creation would be absorbed back into the One. This is just a cyclic aspect of the physical plane that seems to contract. The one is always ever present everywhere. Could you explain for what reason the One will absorb all of creation.


Cobra – It is simply because everything that exists has a certain ultimate goal of evolution – it is to be absorbed into the One, to reach the highest possible state of consciousness. Space and time and matter are just projections, which will be absorbed, back into the source.




COBRA – OK.  The tunnels of Set are not physical tunnels.  They are not underground structures.  They are structures on the plasma plane, on the quantum level.

Rob – Are these part of the plasma scalar field network or just part of the Archon and higher dimension negative ET’s where they exist.

COBRA – This is part of the anomaly of the plasma plane and I would say they are a quantum singularities which contain darkness and this is being cleared right now.  It is in the process of being cleared right now.



Rob – OK. Since the primary anomaly has greatly decreased after the ISIS activation. Would it be safer now for ET ships to land on the surface?

COBRA – Not yet. It has not been cleared to that extent.



U : How many races are directly involved in the liberation of this planet ?

C : I would say there are hundreds of thousands of different races involved in one way or the other in the liberation of this planet but their operations are not so much focused on humanity alone, they are clearing the anomaly which surrounds this planet, and they are removing the cause of the primary anomaly, the cause of suffering and darkness, they are removing that.

U : Are they all from this galaxy and andromeda or from other places as well ?

C : Some of them are from other places as well but beings from this galaxy and andromeda galaxy tend to understand more what is happening here.

U : Ok. So beings from outside these galaxies, for them it’s very foreign all this drama ?

C : Also for many beings inside this galaxy this drama is very foreign, actually it’s also very foreign to me because darkness is something that should not exist, it’s something that was never meant to exist, and is alien to most ancient beings in this universe.

U : Yes. The beings who are not directly involved, do they have knowledge of this, do they have some sort of interest ?

C : Every being in this universe needs to have a certain degree of understanding and everybody has received simulations of how this feels like, so they understand to a certain degree, but many of them are not directly involved in the clearing of this.

U : Are all the beings who are helping in our liberation ascended ?

C : Liberation from darkness does not necessarily mean ascension, liberation of darkness simply means that you are no longer subjected to the primary anomaly, but you can still keep physical body, you can still keep awareness in this dimension, but you are not subjected to negativity or duality in the same way that people are on this planet.

U : So some Sirians and Pleiadians who are helping us for example, are not ascended ?

C : Sirians and Pleiadians as a race are not ascended, they still have a physical body, they still need to sleep and eat to a certain degree but much less than people on this planet



 U : Did similar anomaly such as what we have now with darkness happen in previous versions of the universe ?

C : Yes there were various versions of this anomaly, but it did not manifest fully before this cosmic cycle.

U : So now that it manifested fully, it’s gonna be fully resolved ?

C : Now it’s gonna be fully resolved, after it has been manifested fully yes.




 C : Many free energy devices work very well, but those that work very well are usually hijacked and sabotaged by the cabal.

U : Ok, so the negative energy on this planet has nothing to do with it.

C : No. There are very simple physical principles that work regardless of the amount of the primary anomaly here. And those devices work very well but of course the cabal doesn’t like it and they seize them or suppress them or destroy them.




Rob – So same old thing. Good guys did something good and the bad guys come in and take it away.  Let’s hope that the big changes coming forward in the future here can clear that up.  This isn’t so recent, this question.  It’s probably from last month folks.  A lot of people were wondering . . . we had some major solar storms and activities.  Some people were indicating . . . I got a couple of these that they were feeling unrest.  I don’t know if this affects the plasma scalar field or people’s etheric bodies and their reaction.  Can you talk a little about solar storms and how that effects implants or people or does that have any effect on people’s consciousness in negative way or destructive way?


COBRA – Actually, this is a two-sided coin again.  The solar storms . . . part of this is just a discharge of very clear plasma that purifies the plasma anomaly and on the other side there is a purification of a negative plasma around the sun.  So those solar storms are actually being triggered by the increased galactic central sun activity because everything needs to be purified.  You can view them as part of the global and cosmic purification process.





Rob – Yes, on the lower planes things divide.  Would you agree in the high pure positive planes, this phenomena does not exist?


COBRA – It does not exist in this place.  In 5D and above this does not exist as darkness or anything negative, or suffering.  It just exists as a lack of understanding or lack of power to transform this anomaly immediately. That’s why the ascended masters and all those enlightened beings don’t have all the answers and do not have all the power to transform the earth situation immediately. That’s why it takes so long.


Rob – I just had a great interview with Omnec Onec, which will be up in a couple weeks right after your interview.  She’s such a sweetheart.  She makes things so simple.  She doesn’t get into details.  I would like to hear what your answer to this question is. God is love. Why is there suffering?


COBRA – I have just answered this question.  Suffering exists, not by intent, but by the randomness of the cosmic anomaly.  It was never intended.  It exists without a purpose.  It exists as an anomaly that has to be transformed.  It does not have any higher purpose.  It does not educate us.  It does not make us stronger.  It does not make us wiser.  It is there as something other than as an aberration faction that was never intended to be.  The highest purpose of the source is to transform this so that it can never happen again.


Rob – I really like that answer and I kind of felt you answered it before but I wanted to ask more specifically. Here’s another question right in line with that.  It’s a question about the history of the earth and more important about the history of the universe.  I guess when we’re dealing with time-lines and the eternal now, it boggles my mind.  I spent time with Fred Bell, a top notch physicist.  He kind of threw up his hands, you know, when you talk about non-time.  He’s kind of getting it.  It’s really not explainable because we’re always linked into this here to this type of thing.  The question is: ‘When the primary anomaly causing every suffering on earth appeared on earth, when was it?  Was it the beginning of the fall of the archangels millions of years ago after the experiment with a contingency, or was it 26,00 years ago on earth?


COBRA – Okay.  The primary anomaly was always present, but it was not something that was first understood to be a great danger.  The primary anomaly became dangerous when certain beings decided to experience it directly.  Those were the first angels who decided to plunge into that primary anomaly and this was the beginning of the dark forces.  What is really dangerous is the combination of free will and the primary anomaly and this is what is called Evil.





Rob- guess what we would call evil and this negativity is caused by the random anomaly, but people were wondering, is there a planet where this evil originated from, the Orion system, or was it in other areas of other galaxies as well?


COBRA – Actually, there were a few planets of origins, the main ones being in the Orion system, but there were a few other points when this has spontaneously evolved after the begining of the experiment.


Rob – Can you talk about how it came to be that the random anomaly caused this negativity?


COBRA – It was the choice of certain beings to experience that anomaly directly and they have developed technologies to do so, so that experience was extremely unpleasant to the point that their consciousness has been mutated beyond repair.









 U : When was Yaldabaoth created ?

C : That entity was created many millions of years ago.

U : And how was it created ?

C : It was actually an impulse from one of the angels that wanted to descend into matter, and decided to project his consciousness into the plasma plane. And there was a strong interaction between the plasma anomaly and that being, so you have this atrocity now that is still existing in the solar system.

U : So that entity was always negative ?

C : Not always, only since the moment he decided to project his consciousness into plasma matter. Before that it was an angelic being who made the wrong choice.

U : So this angelic being is Yaldabaoth ?

C : I would say a fallen archangel at this point.



Richard – What is the Prime creator??

COBRA – The prime creator is the source, it is that field of consciousness from which each has projected parts of itself into the primary anomaly to understand it and to resolve it.

Richard –? What is the difference between the Prime Creator and the Creation itself?

COBRA – The creation, to define Universe as the creation is an interaction between the source and the primary anomaly.? And the source has projected parts of itself, sparks of itself into the creation to resolve and to absorb the primary anomaly back into the source.?

Richard – How did the prime Creator come to be??

COBRA – The One always existed, it never started and it will always be.

Richard – Thank you.? What are Prime Creators goals??

COBRA – The goal of the One is to heal the primary anomaly and for all the parts of its consciousness, for all the divine sparks to return back to the source.

Richard – Does The Prime Creator judge??


Richard – Beautiful.? How does the Prime Creator create?

COBRA – Actually the word creator is not absolutely correct because the source does not create.? The source interacts.? It projects sparks of consciousness into the primary anomaly and this fusion of two different elements creates the creation.




COBRA - We forgot because we were subjected to too much of this primary anomaly and excessive exposure to the primary anomaly made us forget.

Richard – I understand.? How do we become the source again.? How do we regain those physical abilities and the memories??

COBRA – By connecting our higher self with our own soul and that connection will re-create our link directly with the source

Richard – Thank you – that answers my next question.? What is the best way to connect to the spirit/source, to best build a relationship??? That would be to connect with your spirit.? yes?

COBRA – Each person has own individual way to connect but there is some universal principles that is focusing upon the light, connecting with the beauty and using your own will, your own will to make a decision to have that connection with your own self, with your own soul.




Richard – Thank you.? Are their evil spirits??Or are they souls of good spirits who still need to grow?

COBRA – Evil is a free will which has chosen to? oppose the beautiful, oppose the love, so it is free will which has turned into the other side.? Free will which has chosen to expand and enlarge the primary anomaly.? That free will can do that only when the soul connection is lost.?





What is a universe.

COBRA – It is the total of all manifested creations in all dimensions.

Richard – Are all of the Universes the same?

COBRA – There are actually bubbles of space time which are emerging from the vortex of interaction between the source and the primary anomaly.

Richard – What is a galaxy?

COBRA – A galaxy is a vortex which is growing out of the central portal which is the galactic central sun.

Richard – How many planets are usually in a solar system?

COBRA – Usually there are about 10+ or minus planets in the average solar system.

Richard – OK. Do all planets all have 1 sun or could there be more.

COBRA – I would say that double or even triple star systems are quite common in all the galaxies.




Can you just give us an example of what ET life, like on a daily life would be. ? On another planet.

COBRA – Actually, now as the most universe is liberated, most beings experience whatever they do, they do it from that frequency of divine love.? They originate all their actions from that frequency and therefore their lifes are full of joy and beauty and harmony and they do not experience this intense conflict that we have here on this planet.? So their lives are very very beautiful.? The only problem they have is when they look to this planet and they want to help,? and they feel the agony and suffering of beings here.? So this the major focus and the major problem in this universe right now, to completely resolve this primary anomaly and this hostage situation that we have on this planet and then the whole universe will experience huge cosmic leap that everyone is looking towards.

Richard – Thank you very much for that.? What do most extraterrestrials do? Do they have jobs?? How do they spend their day, other than what you just said.

COBRA – They dont need to have jobs because they can create everything whatever their wish from their advanced technology.? They focus on their creativity, they focus on exploring the universe deeper.? They advance their science.? They advance their spirituality.? They connect with each other.? They create.? They have a good time.?

Richard – Thats amazing.? Thank you so much.

COBRA – They dont have this slavery routine.? Jobs on this planet are part of Orion.? This is not something that is normal.? It is not considered normal in the rest of the universe.

Richard –? Why do they just show up every once and awhile and leave??

COBRA – They cannot just show up because the strangelet bombs would be triggered and that would lead to drastic consequences. The stranglet bombs would go off, they would be detonated.

Richard – Why did ET’s use to run tests on humans??

COBRA – There were actually blocking the nukes.? They were developing technology to completely block all nuclear weapons, so this has been achieved to a great degree and now Nuclear threats have almost been completely removed.? I would say 99% and more removed.?

Richard – Are their ET species that have the same level of consciousness then humans??

COBRA – I would say that the level is the same but the quality is not because those species are not exposed to the chaos and negativity we? have on this planet.? So they have a much higher quality of life experience.

Richard –? How many species?of beings would you say are there??

COBRA – There are few major archetypes but there are billions upon billions of various species of E.T lives.





Richard –? How is life as we know it; plants and animals created??

COBRA – It is a guided evolution by angelic beings and this guided evolution was not without trial and error because the primary anomaly is involved in the process unfortunately to a great degree.? So there were many errors in the evolution from the past.? But now the universe is getting wiser and wiser and there are less and less of those errors and more of the wisdom is present, so life forms that will be developed in the future will be much closer to perfection.




Richard – Where did evil come from?

COBRA – The evil came from a decision to oppose the light.? Its a free will decision which is made as a result of interaction between free will and the primary anomaly as I have just described it.?

Richard – Why do people suffer??

COBRA –? People suffer because theyre exposed to the primary anomaly and because they are exposed to the conditions that are a result and the consequence of the mass sum of all negative decisions that were made on this planet.

Richard – I understand.? Before we come into this life time, do we choose who we are, do we choose our life, do we choose where were going to be, what were going to experience.

COBRA – We have made our initial choice to come into this area but when we came here we were actually in prisoned and our choices were quite limited.? We did have some word in our incarnations where we will be, but the vast majority of choices were made by the Archons.? They have given us a limited scope of choices and they have enforced many conditions that we would have never agreed to.







COBRA – Actually this Moldavite chalice( The Holy Grail ) acts as a lens of the energy from the galactic central sun and the facets which are active actually transmit that light, that energy to that particular star person on the surface of the planet which is actively doing his or her mission. So those facets are active to the proportion that the particular light worker or light warrior is awake and aware and active in his mission.


Rob – Okay. Thank you. The Moldavite chalice is different than the Cintamani stones, correct? (Yes.) You said the planet was destroyed in the Sirian system. Can you talk about this destruction? Was it an invasion? Was it a negative thing? What happened? Was this a natural occurrence?


COBRA – It was not an invasion. It was an experiment that did not go well. Sirius wanted to densify the planet from the etheric to the physical plane. They wanted to create a physical planet of joy, but because of the plasma anomaly, that process of materialization or specification did not go well and the whole thing exploded.


Rob – Okay.   So this was an inadvertent scientific experiment with an entire planet. Was it populated at the time?


COBRA – No. It was just a mass of matter. Actually, it wasn’t a scientific experiment. It was their desire to create a physical planet of joy and this project did . . . was not successful actually.


Rob – Okay, so there wasn’t an embattled planet or something. Thank you, for that clarification. Approximately, how long ago did that take place?


COBRA – It was a few millions of years ago.






Rob – Why did Primary Anomaly occur in a perfectly ordered universe?

COBRA – The answer is without any reason, without any purpose.  This is the only way Primary Anomaly can exist.

Rob – OK.  That was the next question is.  What is it’s purpose? Is it simply chaos? But you say it’s no purpose.

COBRA – The Primary Anomaly does not have any purpose.  It is the logical opposite of purpose.

Rob – Thank you.  Is all of creation interacting with the Primary Anomaly or do things work differently in other dimensions and planes of the multiverse?

COBRA – The creation is always in interaction with the Primary Anomaly and actually transforming Primary Anomaly slowly.  Every conscious action in this universe does transform one aspect of the Primary Anomaly.  It’s a process that is on-going since the birth of the universe.

Rob – You have, according to this person, you have said that Primary Anomaly will be absorbed back into the one. Is that correct?

COBRA – Yes.

Rob – After that, what comes – after the absorbing?

COBRA – The one will be everything that it will ever be.  There will be no more creation needed because everything will be integrated back into the one.

Rob – OK.  In your recent creation interview you said that the Source projects itself into the Primary Anomaly and that fusion creates creation.  The question is, ‘How did creation come to be when there was no Primary Anomaly?

COBRA – There was no creation before the Primary Anomaly.

Rob – OK.  That answers that one.  You also said that one’s ultimate purpose is to absorb the Primary Anomaly.  When it is absorbed, what is the purpose after that?

COBRA – The purpose after that is to exist as one in perfect joy, love and harmony.






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